A collaborative approach for an inclusive and multi-perspective debate.

Creating a conference that provides fertile grounds for cutting-edge discussions starts from ensuring a diversity of both intellectual and real-life inputs. Only in this way the conditions are right for participants to confront experiences, learn from each other, create linkages and identify synergies for future cooperation.

This is exactly the reason why WRF 2021 is designed using a decentralised model for content creation, where we provide an open space for organisations and initiatives from the fields of research, business, entrepreneurship, policy and civil society to submit their own proposals for workshops and contribute first-hand to the debate.

Are you working on projects related to the topics of primary resources, secondary resources and/or circular economy? Get in touch and let’s explore together how to make WRF 2021 a real opportunity for collective development.

Workshops address key topics related to the 3 conference tracks:

Primary Resources

Fair resource extraction for a quality future

Secondary Resources

From waste to resources for development

Circular Economy

Designing circular systems for resources

Design your own workshop.

A workshop proposal covers the entire organisation of a workshop, including topic and format selection, inviting speakers and moderator, and a workshop report. The WRF team takes care of the overall organisation of the online event, providing the platform and technical support if needed. Furthermore, WRF is happy to support the promotion of the workshop and to provide additional support to ensure an engaging and flawless session.

Workshops put emphasis on concrete cases, solutions, lessons learned, and future agendas. Key questions to focus on during the workshop are: What was successful? What did not work, and why? What do we need to make it work? How can it be replicated into different contexts? What can be the potential relevance and impact on a global scale?

Workshop info brochure

Download the info brochure for designing your own workshop at WRF 2021

Workshops integrating cross-cutting topics such as governance, policy, innovation, multi-stakeholder participation, financing, communication, education, digitalisation, linkages to climate change, and poverty will be prioritised.

Given the virtual nature of the event, it is important to adopt creative workshop formats able to ensure dynamic interaction, idea generation, match-making opportunities and active participation in a multi-stakeholder setting.

Workshops at the WRF 2021 are programmed to last 50 mins each.

With this call, we also invite partners who are interested in organising a side event to contact us at and

Workshop application form

Download the application form to submit your workshop proposal for WRF 2021