Partner with us


Do you want to support a global dialogue fostering solutions for sustainable resources?


WRF 2021 provides your organisation with unique opportunities and a global audience to do just that.

After previous conferences in Davos (Switzerland), Beijing (China), Arequipa (Peru), San Jose (Costa Rica) and Antwerp (Belgium), the WRF 2021 conference will be one of a kind, with an innovative hybrid format enabling truly global opportunities for engagement and new connections.

Organised by a not-for-profit organisation, a successful WRF Conference is only possible thanks to the support and contributions of our partners.


 Get in touch with us to learn more about why and how to partner up for WRF 2021!

Some of the ways we expect our partners to add value:

Contribute to the conference program

Provide in-kind support

Offer financial resources

Sponsor activities and tickets

Promote our conference via your channels

Partnership Models

We offer several partnership models for WRF 2021, depending on the mission, expertise and activities of your organisation.


Become an official sponsor and offer resources to support the overall  conference organisation.


Take the WRF 2021 program to the next level with your ideas for workshops, side events and special activities.


Help us spread the scientific works with special issues in scientific journals, publications and engagements with the scientific community.


Leverage your channels to amplify the reach and impact of our conference. Before, during and after the event.

A sea of opportunities – let’s explore it together.

There are several additional ways to provide your support for a successful WRF 2021 conference, including sponsoring tickets for specific target groups, offering awards, and organising branded activities.

Based on your organisation’s ambitions and ideas, we will be happy to discuss tailored agreements together with you.