Dr. Terry Tudor

Dr Tudor has spent over 20 years in the environmental/waste management sector. He has worked in the UK, as well asĀ internationally, for example, in Italy, Brazil, India, and Barbados.

Terry is a senior consultant providing advice on policy and practice for both private and public sector clients primarily in the areas of sustainability, circular economy, and the management of waste from healthcare facilities. He is a Senior Portfolio Manager with a government funding agency, managing funding for global research and innovation. He is currently also a trustee of the Waste Management Industry and Advisory Board (WAMITAB).

He was previously an academic with the University of Northampton, in the UK, where he was an Associate Professor in Waste Management, as well as the co-ordinator of the Healthcare Waste and Resources Research Group. He has also been a Visiting Professor at the University of Brescia in Italy.

In 2021, Terry co-edited a text book on international circular economy best practice case studies, which was published by Routledge.