Dr. Masuma Farooki

Consulting Director – MineHutte (UK)

Masuma is a development economist who has worked in the sustainability and the extractive sector for over 10 years. Her focus is on measuring the socio-economic impact of the resource sector and developing frameworks for the implementation of responsible mining practices. Her cross-disciplinary research focus includes economic, political & legal risk identification & assessment, expertise in ESG indicators and their measurement, value chain analysis, investment & trade policies, with a wide geographical focus including Europe, Africa and China. She has also worked with a range of stakeholders including exploration and mining companies, investors, policy makers, development institutions and civil society organisations.

Her research output has included analysing sustainable mining practices across global mineral chains entering the EU; ASM and EU Conflict Minerals; analysing the economic impact of permit delays in the US; upgrading supplier firms in the Southern African mining sector through linkages with European SMEs; and standardising the reporting of EITI data requirements and the impact of foreign direct investment on the economy and the environment in Guyana.

Masuma has a Phd in Development Policy (The Open University, UK), MPhil in Development Studies (Institute of Development Studies, Sussex) and MPhil in Economics (GCU, Pakistan).