Dr. Leonor Patricia Güereca Hernández

Leonor Patricia Güereca is a senior researcher in the Engineering Institute at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), where she has been developing and coordinating the research group in Life Cycle Assessment, Climate Change and Sustainability.

Patricia Güereca has been researcher in the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, in Barcelona Spain, largely focused in the development of a high-resolution inventory emissions model for Spain.In the Life Cycle Assessment arena, Dr. Güereca has worked in more than 40 projects of environmental footprint, within which highlight cement industry, banknotes fabrication, plastics, renewable energy sector, waste management, wastewater treatment, as well as the improvement in the life cycle methodology. She has been involved in the carbon footprint and sustainability indicators of products in international organizations, government and non-governmental agencies.

Dr. Güereca is member of National Research System in Mexico (SNI-CONACYT), and she is the funding chair of the Mexican Life Cycle Assessment Network. Patricia is also the president of the Climate Change branch in the Inter-American Sanitary and Environmental Engineering Association (AIDIS). She is the author of 1 book, 16 book chapters, 46 scientific papers. She has served on 47 international and 32 national conferences.